Bartholemew Vineyards   D454
watercolor   17 x 21

McNalley-Stanislaus Rapids-(w)

Stanislaus Rapids   F383
watercolor   25 x 20


Sea Lions on SF Docks   G280
watercolor   22 x 27


Cow at Little Farm   G277
watercolor   11 x 17


Yellow Rose Buds
watercolor   13 x 15


watercolor   16 x 20

Samantha McNally

I started painting in oils in college, then tried out acrylics for a while. I participated in art shows where most of the people painted in watercolors and the effects were so beautiful I had to try it. I took a few classes in the ‘90s and have been painting in watercolor ever since.

My subjects range from portraits of people and animals to plein air landscapes and house portraits. I love painting outdoors in plein air because you can really get a feel for the subject in person better than from a photograph. I sometimes use photographs to construct the composition and then paint from life when possible. I belong to several plein air groups in the Bay Area and join them whenever I can to paint on location.

The beauty of the Bay Area inspires me to paint en plein air. I paint because it’s a challenge that is very satisfying when practiced. If you keep at it you can clearly see improvement. I paint with groups of artists because it’s very helpful to get critiques and helpful suggestions for our paintings. Art has always been a part of my life and I intend to keep painting, practicing and enjoying it.