Celebrating Light

Morning Roses
24 x 36   oil


Point Lobos
24 x 36  oil


Tea House Garden


Last Boat In
12 x 12   oil


Recent Work by Judith Feins

June 26 - August 4

The beauty and endless variety of the natural world has always fascinated Judith. Her passion for studying and portraying it is the force behind her paintings.

Judith paints outdoors in plein air as much as possible to capture the fleeting drama of light and color of the different geographical areas she visits, noting, "I love the cool clarity and luminosity of northern California as well as the transformative fog".

She hopes that viewing her paintings will inspire others to find pleasure in the ephemeral colors of their surroundings and influence them to help preserve natural places.

Meet the Artist: Saturday, July 14, 3 - 5 pm