Carol Grootheart Lutz

Red Poppy
23 x 29  watercolor


Vinegar, Oil and Garlic
22 x 28  watercolor

Carol Grootheart Lutz

The 3 Primaries

June 17 - July 25, 2015

Carol Grootheart Lutz paints using only the 3 primary colors, red, yellow and blue. The special luminosity of her watercolor paintings is achieved through a combination of her artful skill and her tremendous patience. The colors are painted one layer at a time, in as many as 30 or more thin tints of color, allowing each to dry before adding the next color layer.

Meanwhile on our unique sliding panel walls, we will as usual, be displaying over 300 of all types of original works by Bay Area artists, for sale or for rental.

In addition there are beautifully crafted, ceramic, wood and glass pieces, and original designer jewelry.