Gladstone-Windy Benicia-(w)-

Windy Benicia   G176
oil   22 x 26


Plein Air at Briones   G178
oil   20 x 17


Yellow Blossoms   G177
oil   15 X 18

Theresé Gladstone

I was born and raised in France and I am also fortunate to have spent much of my adult life in this beautiful area in which we live.

I love painting en Plein Air. I attempt to capture the essence of the moment. Sunshine, wind, shapes, colors, moods, feelings all get orchestrated onto the canvas. I try to let it all flow through my brush. It is a form of meditation and communion with nature.

I have painted with Pam Glover, a foremost California Plein Air artist as well as with Van Waldron, Teresa Onada, Randall Sexton, Tom Hughes, Warren Dreyer and Suzanne d’Arcy.