Brighton Boats   F250
watercolor   19 x 19


Perrys   F249
watercolor   21 x 22


Bus Boy
watercolor   21 x 23


Oh Bouy   F248
watercolor   29 x 22


Upon Reflection
watercolor   20 x 16


Screen Play
watercolor   19 x 17

Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. She maintains a successful career as a professional artist, and also teaches art history in elementary schools. She paints landscapes, florals, seascapes, and cityscapes from photographs taken during her travels, thus combining some of her pleasures: art, photography, and travel.

Ruth has studied with several nationally prominent artists, including: John Salminen, Catherine Anderson, and Marianne Brown. She exhibits her work through the Alamo Danville Artists' Society and the California Watercolor Association, where she has earned signature membership.