McNeill-Morning Shadows- (w)-2

Morning Shadows
oil on canvas   11 x 14

McNeill-Warm Morning-(w)

Warm Morning, Distant Fog
oil on canvas   11 x 14

McNeill-Diablo View-(w)-11

Diablo View
oil on canvas   11 x 14


Burma Road Trail, Mount Diablo
oil on canvas   14 x 18


Cummings Skyway
oil on linen   24 x 24


Winter Shadows
oil on canvas   12 x 15

Peter McNeill

Peter McNeill is primarily a landscape and figurative artist.

Relying on oil paint and various drawing media, he is interested in the effects of light, shadow, and more abstract inspirations in the observable world.

He lives and works in Walnut Creek, California, and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Design from UC Davis.