Tuesday Reflection
mixed media   36 x 36


Quietude 10
mixed media on canvas   40 x 40


Baka's Stories
mixed media   20 x 20


Tuesday Afternoon 3
mixed media   18 x 18


Contemplation 2
mixed media on canvas   48 x 48


Vanishing 4
mixed media on canvas   30 x 30

Paula Boas

My abstract paintings are rooted in architectural and natural landscapes and their respective geometric and organic forms. Additionally, I am interested in the visual effects of using text and script as line, shape, or pattern. My lyrical works evolve as I reveal, obscure, and re-expose layers of paint, script, graphite, and paper, to create subtle yet complex surfaces. My painting process is intuitive and improvisational and the forms that emerge are clarified and reduced until a delicate balance and quietude are achieved.