Tuesday Reflection
mixed media   36 x 36


Quietude 10
mixed media on canvas   40 x 40


Baka's Stories
mixed media   20 x 20


Tuesday Afternoon 3
mixed media   18 x 18


Contemplation 2
mixed media on canvas   48 x 48


Vanishing 4
mixed media on canvas   30 x 30

Paula Boas

The flow of cursive handwriting, separate from the semantic meanings, has always intrigued me. I studied calligraphy as a teenager and I recall viewing my large calligraphy filled pages in a mirror to better see the patterns, rhythms, and shapes in the positive and negative spaces. Cursive handwriting, an expression unique to each person's hand, is soon to be a lost art.

These handwriting movements, along with other mark making, are the foundation of my recent body of work. I build layers of cursive movements, sometimes exaggerated, with both transparent and opaque media. I obscure and scrape away to reveal parts of the messages and history below. In some cases, all that is left are the dense patches of scribbled writing that vanish into a quieted background.