Black Diamond Spirit   F330
acrylic on linen   16 x 12


Blake Garden Bolero   G52
acrylic on linen   16 x 12


Champagne Trees   G53
acrylic on canvas   12 x 24


Filoli Unknotted
acrylic on linen   12 x 12

Nancy Roberts Vineyard Rhythms

Vineyard Rhythms
acrylic on linen   12 x 16


Lake Del Valle
acrylic on canvas   12 x 16


Briones Skytrail
acrylic on canvas   16 x 12

Nancy Roberts

I love working from life, but reality is just a jumping-off point. I start by paring a thing down to its structure, then respond to its spirit with energized color and pattern. Each new painting is an exciting, uncharted journey.

Nancy Roberts is a professional artist, art instructor and retired architect. Painting in acrylic, oil and pastel she enjoys seeing the world through slightly quirky eyes. Her work has garnered many awards and is included in collections across the country. She is represented by Valley Art Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA, the Benicia Plein Air Gallery in Benicia, CA, and online at