Fly Away   G124
encaustic paint and pan pastel   8 x 8


Clouds   G121
encaustic spray paint and pan paste   18 x 24


Flow   G122
encaustic spray paint & shellac   12 x 12


Aura   G123
encaustic, gold leaf, shellac   14 x 26


beeswax, demar resin, collage & oil paint on board   10 x 10


Support and Foundation   F419
beeswax, demar resin, oil paint, collage & image transfer on board   12 x 12

Melissa Stephens

Melissa Stephens paints with melted beeswax and demar resin. It is a medium called encaustic painting.

She connects with viewers in a personal way by interpreting her family's stories and traditions, and those that she encounters on her journey.

Stephens wishes to learn from others, challenge her perception, and fully experience new cultures to include the traditions and stories of others. After diving into the spoken word, she goes to her studio to create her own visual understanding or interpretation. Her thoughts, feelings, perceptions and experiences merge to become something concrete.

Stephens says, "When people express themselves through stories and uphold their traditions, I am able to learn even more about them, and see the world through their eyes. My artwork is a visual account and reaction to what I have experienced or heard."