high-fired stoneware
height 9"


Blue Tea Pot


Tea for Two Tea Set
high-fired stoneware
diameter 10"


Green Basket


Tumblers on Tray
high-fired stoneware
length 16"


Carved Platter
high-fired stoneware
diameter 10"

Martha Kean

I have been working in clay for over thirty years. My main interest is functional pottery, and all of my work is based on functional forms.

I am also very interested in texture and its affect on glazes. Some of my influences are the textures that occur in nature and Art Deco art and architecture. Most of my work is wheel-thrown, often altered in the leather-hard state. My work is cone 10 stoneware, fired either in oxidation or in reduction with salt.

I try to make objects of quiet beauty that are pleasing to use. I particularly like the idea of people using and enjoying my pots in their everyday lives.