Button Up   G310
mixed media   14 x 14


P is for Pointer   G309
mixed media   12 x 12


M is for Mammal   G318
mixed media   12 x 12


Science Lecture   G312
mixed media   14 x 11


My Dear George   G311
mixed media   12 x 9


mixed media   10 x 10

Marsha Balian

Mixed media artist Marsha Balian admits great difficulty following instructions (unless she really has to). She is self-taught and frequently invents her own techniques. Her work often incorporates found objects including what might be scavenged from the floor of her studio. Since invention doesn’t require strict adherence to rules, her art avoids what might be literal and attempts to engage the imagination of the viewer. Humor is never far behind.

Marsha Balian’s artwork has been shown throughout the Bay Area and in many parts of the country. It has also been seen in Kolaj Magazine, The Permanente Journal, American Art Collector, Studio Visit, Gathering Cloud, a feature story in Scrubs Magazine and most recently in Dada Centennial Day of the Dead from the museum of Collage, Assemblage & Construction and Oneiric Magazine published in Portugal. Her artwork was on the cover of the 2016 West Marin Review and she will be featured in an artist profile in the October 2018 issue of Oakland Magazine. Her work can also be seen at the GearBox Gallery in Oakland.