Colebourn-Floral Tapestry(w)

Floral Tapestry   G100
oil   24 x 18

Colebourn - Anthropology Bouquet-(w)

Anthropology Bouquet   G99
oil   30 x 24


Pepper Tree in Carmel   F394
acrylic   30 x 24


Sky and Sea #1
oil   24 x 36


The Highlands
acrylic   14 x 14


Koi Reflections
acrylic   18 x 24


White Crowned Sparrow
acrylic   24 x 36

Lassie Colebourn

Lassie has been drawing and painting since she was a child. A love of color and the outdoors has been at the root of her
work since then. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Francisco State in Art.

During the 1970's she studied and painted with Lundy Siegriest and Pam Glover. Since then she used her fine arts background developing a landscape and floral design business which also required and further developed strong compositional, design and color sense.

For the past few years she has focused solely on painting – specializing on nature and landscape. She works mainly in acrylic, using a bold color palette in a post-impressionist style.