Saskatchewan   G62
acrylic / mixed media on canvas   24 x 36


Los Angeles   G63
mixed media on canvas   48 x 48


Cheyenne   G64
mixed media on canvas   40 x 40


Minot   G61
acrylic / mixed media on canvas   16 x 16


Juneau   G60
acrylic / mixed media on canvas   24 x 24


Berlin   F266
acrylic / mixed media   40 x 40


Sonoma   F285
acrylic / mixed media   30 x 30

Jeffrey Tover

A San Francisco Bay Area native that now resides in the beautiful town of Benicia, California. I am a huge fan of the abstract expressionists from the past and present. Pollock, Rothko, DeKooning, Hoffman, and others inspire my artwork. I enjoy discovering many of the emerging artists of today. Therfore, my tastes are constantly evolving and have helped me develop my own style and technique. The journey never seems to end and it's just the way I like it.