New Wave IV   G28
watercolor   24 x 30


Forest Walk II   G31
watercolor   14 x 11


Looking South   F356
watercolor   8 x 10


Blooming'   G30
watercolor   20 x 16


Power Play   F513
watercolor   29 x 37


Red Rhythms II   G29
watercolor   30 x 24

Juanita Hagberg

Landscapes, seascapes, and natural forms are suggested in my loosely realistic to abstract watercolors. These interpretations of my impressions of nature have an organic quality that invites the viewer into the work. My paintings expand conventional notions about the possibilities inherent in the watercolor medium, and – “push the envelope,” beyond what is expected or familiar. I like to explore what a subject, memory, or idea “feels like,” rather than creating an explicit rendering. Nature's rhythms, patterns, textures, and complexity are what I respond to. I love being outdoors, and painting “en plein air’ provides the basis for many of my more abstract pieces. There is endless inspiration in the amazing beauty of my native California and coastal Washington.