Wildcat Creek   G293
etching (photopolymer)   20 x 16


Shadelands Tree   G292
monoprint / screen print   16 x 20


Honor Etch Offer Florist
etching   11 x 14


Long Horned Beetle 2
monoprint   16 x 20


etching   14 x 11


Tomato Hornworm
etching with chine colle   21 x 19

Gail Morrison

The beauty of the world leaves me stunned and distracted. Sometimes I have to turn off this aesthetic ecstasy, but in art I can let it fly.

Much of my work is focused on insects. They are everywhere, and although they sometimes bother us, they are just trying to make their way in the world like everyone else. They are small, but their bodies have very complex shapes and structures. The more closely you look, the more wondrous they become.

I have been captivated by printmaking, bewitched by etching. The luscious paper. The smell of the ink. The embossment made by the plate, and the melding of ink and paper into one. The stately procession of steps to a traditional etching. The thrill of turning the wheel of the press, folding back the blankets, and gently lifting the paper to see what has appeared.