Ele 03-23-15   G150
wax pastels, acrylic, paper   17.5 x 21


In Every Direction   G149
wax pastels, acrylic, paper   32 x 26


Waterfall No 3   G148
wax pastels, acrylic, paper   37 x 50


Nearby   G153
acryla gouache, paper   6 x 7.75


Out There   G151
acryla gouache, paper   6 x 7.75

Eileen S. Moderbacher

I love color and texture! The high emotions, the low emotions, the exuberance associated with luscious color palettes drive me wild. The palette may be subdued or vibrant depending on the mood I want to create. And although I paint imagery we find in a landscape, I do not consider myself a landscape painter.

Hans Hoffman was of the opinion that we must find our artistic stimulation through nature. Then Jackson Pollock came along and countered that notion. He maintained that he carried his nature inspiration within himself.

Though I cannot compare myself with someone like Jackson Pollock what rings true for me, especially as my paintings are becoming abstractions of a landscape or of an object, I can identify with the notion that my inspiration is coming from within myself.

Thinking like this has opened up a whole new way of working for me. I hope to continue in this vein.