oil on canvas   16 x 20


Lone Diablo Oak   D356
oil on canvas   18 x 24


Winter Cabin
oil on canvas   16 x 20


Diablo View II
oil on canvas   18 x 36


Point Lobos
oil   36 x 24


Diablo Meadow at Northgate
oil   23 x 39

Donna Dickey

Donna Dickey studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art on a scholarship. She received private training with local artists in Ohio, Washington and California, and had acquired six years of workshops and classes in Sydney NSW, Queensland and Perth Western Australia.

Donna works with oil and acrylic on canvas. Her subjects are seasonal landscapes done in an impressionistic-realism style. She admires the rich layering and subtle coloration of the Old Masters and strives to recreate in the traditional representational style. Recently she has been fascinated by the French Impressionists, especially Monet.

She says "I recall a beautiful scene or place I have been, or one where I would like to be, then paint to capture the mood or emotion of that scene. Oil has the versatility I need to lose myself in the scene I am creating. My most treasured compliment is when the viewer says 'I'd like to be there.' The most difficult question to respond to is 'How long did it take you to paint that?"