Emerging #363   G220
pastel   14 x 17

Ringwood-dream vines-(w)

Dream Vines #319
pastel   11 x 13


Shasta #318
pastel   11 x 13


Napa River #353
pastel   12 X 30


Wine Vines #304
pastel   25 x 29


Poppies #293
pastel   19 x 22

Diane Ringwood

I have always had an emotional response to color and I take great pleasure in combining pastels on paper to create my color saturated landscape paintings. I paint only in the delicious colors of pastels. To quote a famous painter, Wolf Kahn, “Pastel is the Dust on Butterflyʼs Wings” The combination of being outside and using all those colors to interpret a landscape is relaxing and fun.

I am a member and formerly on the board of the Alamo Danville Artist Society.

I have enjoyed instruction with Kim Lordier, Richard McDaniel, and Richard McKinley
among others.