mixed media   25 x 28


Discovery   F431
mixed media   24 x 24


Vision   F432
mixed media   22 x 19


Sea View   F433
watercolor   17 x 24


Mountain Stream
mixed media   24 x 24


Hidden Discovery
watercolor/collage  24 x 30

Denise Campana

Art has been a passion for me. I have had the privilege of studying with several artists: Barbara Nechis, Marianne Brown, Kathleen Brennan and Tara O’Sioclhain and various workshops: Pat Dews, Ron Ranson and Marilyn Hughey Phillis.

As a member of the California Watercolor Society, I have exhibited in the CWA juried shows: Blackhawk Gallery, Concept Gallery and John Muir Hospital.

I have also exhibited in the following juried shows: The Bedford Gallery Local Voice Show, City Hall, Walnut Creek and the Lindsay Dirkx Brown Gallery.

Experimenting with paint and mixed media on paper or canvas and watching the interaction develope, has been exciting to me. When I am painting, I am totally involved in the process. It is a special time I allow myself.

My goal for the viewer of my work is that they will also have a pleasant, personal experience viewing my paintings.