Comfort Quilt in Blue   G186
acrylic mixed media   16 x 16

Ryan-Comfort-Quilt-in-Yellow (w)

Comfort Quilt in Yellow   G187
acrylic mixed media   16 x 16


Connections   G184
acrylic   36 x 48


Playground No 4   G185
acrylic mixed media   24 x 48


Reflections 2
acrylic   36 x 48


acrylic   24 x 24


Mendocino Memory   F87
acrylic   30 x 40

Connie Ryan

I am drawn to paint the beauty in the natural world as well as the beauty in what is old, neglected and discarded. I usually start a painting with an image or a feeling, but if the painting goes in another direction, I follow it, giving the painting permission to be itself. I paint by making forms and then dissolving them, searching for structure that allows breathing space.

My paintings have a history. Sometimes they are torn and stitched back together again. Other times they are composed of many layers or journeys before finally arriving at a resting point, at least for now. In my recent work I am using collage (mostly used tea-bags), acrylic paint, inktense pencils and thread.

I find making art healing, playful, challenging, and sometimes frustrating. When I have the opportunity to spend time in my studio I am more open to the outside world. I can appreciate the beauty and cope better with the craziness. And if what I make speaks to other people and they find it healing, playful, challenging or frustrating, all the better.