Beach at Fort Bragg, Mendocino   G182
watercolor   21 x 27


Diablo Hills, Summer   G180
watercolor   18 x 22


Mount Diablo, Spring View
watercolor   23 x 29


October in the Vineyard   G181
watercolor   21 x 25


Garden Nasturtiums   G179
watercolor   12 x 12


Vivacious   G183
watercolor   27 x 21

Catherine McCargar

Painting, mostly in transparent watercolor, has become a well tended passion for me in recent years. I have always enjoyed dabbling, but with little time for developing skills while raising a family.

Now I paint regularly with the Jade Fon Painters, a local group of seasoned and learning artists who paint plein air in the greater San Francisco Bay area.

I am delighted with color, the ways it is boldly displayed in nature and in the expressed work of people, and the ways it whispers quietly in light and shadows. These observations give me endless inspiration and spark my imagination.

My plein air work is sometimes finished in the studio or used as a preliminary sketch for larger pieces done completely in the studio, but is, I find, essential to keeping connected to the places and joyful discoveries that inspire my art.