Overcast Day
pastel on board   14 x 17


Fall's Arrival
pastel   19 x 15


Window Scene
monotype   24 x 18


Autumn Window   F162
hand etched coloring   16 x 13

Kress-Sunny Day-(W)_edited-1

Sunny Day
pastel   25 x 31

kress-Mt diablo

Mount Diablo
oil on canvas   19 x 23

Roswitha Kress

Roswitha Kress loved drawing early on, while growing up in Bamberg, Germany, where art classes consisted of going to ancient cathedrals and palaces to copy the sculptures, murals, and paintings. Nature also provided ample opportunities to sketch and draw, and the neighbor's goats, chickens, and cats all filled the pages of her sketchbook. To become an artist was a dream that followed her throughout the years of raising a family and moving from Germany to the East Coast, the Midwest, and ultimately to Walnut Creek, California, where she's lived since 1974.

Roswitha has studied figure and landscape painting with well-known Bay Area artists, as well as teachers of national importance (Earl Pierce, Richard McDaniel, Mark Eanes, Hope Stevenson, Warren Dreher, Kim Lordier, and Clark Mitchell).

“At present my work is focused on the human figure and the local landscape. As a plein air painter, my approach to nature isn't preconceived, it's an intuitive, spontaneous reaction to what I see and feel at that particular moment in time."