oil   24 x 28


oil   22 x 26


Fruitful Morning
oil   28 x 34

lina-liu-iris devine

Iris Divine
oil   18 x 24


Rose and Pear
oil   18 x 24


Hydrangea and Wine
oil   24 x 30

Lina Liu

Lina Liu is a traditional Impressionistic Realism and Contemporary Oil Painter hailing from Guangzhou, China and presently living in California. She acquired a degree in Design and Fine Arts from the prestigious Suzhou Art University in China, further advancing her study of Fine Art at University of Colorado Boulder.

Liu currently utilizes her artistic vision as a graphic artist and web designer for an Arts organization, additionally teaching aspiring young artists in her spare time to harness their technique and creative talent.

Passionate since youth about the natural beauty of flowers, Lina holds generations of inspiration from her mother and grandmother. Constantly surrounded by colorful life in her own treasured gardens, Lina shares nature's bountiful blessings onto the canvas, breathing life into her paintings that are showcased in multiple galleries throughout California. Her works have also been published in local newspapers and honorably exhibited in several single and group shows.