Hidden Hummingbirds   G260
watercolor and charcoal   25 x 33


Leaf Dreams   G261
watercolor   33 x 25


Leaf Medley (Triptych)   G262
watercolor   17 x 29


Day in the Life of the Red-breasted Nuthatch   G263
watercolor and charcoal   13 x 15

Karen Kramer

My work is inspired by the spontaneity, constant motion, and beauty that is ever-present in nature. Through the use of color, transparency, and layering, I create lyrical and magical representations of the natural world, whether the subject is a humble group of leaves or a majestic mountain range.

Born in New York City, I was raised in Berkeley, California. Over the years, I studied art at the University of California, Berkeley, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and Laney and Merritt Colleges in Oakland, California. To support myself, I devoted most of my career to practicing law. In 1999, however, I largely returned to my original passion, drawing and painting.

My work has been shown in numerous juried shows in galleries and museums in California and other states and I have received two commissions from the Alameda County Arts Commission. My work is also in the permanent collection of the Stanford Medical Center and the Pacific Family Maternity Center in Berkeley. I am also a watercolor workshop instructor at the Richmond Art Center.