Matsushima--Islets-(wed) 2

Islets   F452
mixed media   20 x 16


Silvered Sea   F453
mixed media   20 x 16


Delta at Twilight   F454
mixd media   20 x 16

Matsushima-Cloud Cover-(w)

Cloud Cover
acrylic   40 x 30


acrylic   13 x 13


acrylic   13 x 13


Three   D29
acrylic on canvas   25 x 31

Joan Kay Matsushima

The painting process for me, is like having a conversation between me, my brush and an empty canvas.

Some painting conversations are harmonious. The canvas, my brush and I agree on most, if not all, points. This is a rarely reached Nirvana.

Other painting conversations are antagonistic. The painting deviates from my plan and argues over almost every point. I have to paint and re-paint layer after layer until we reach an agreement.

Both types of paintings eventually satisfy me, but I must admit it is the troublemakers that teach me the most.