'49 Buick Roadmaster   F39
oil on canvas   24 x 36


Davidson Way & Vermont Street
oil   30 x 40


Oakland's Inner Harbor
oil   24 x 36


A Bay View at Dusk
oil   24 x 36


Market Street Traffic
oil   18 x 24

Haseloff-greenwich at- jones(W)

Greenwich at Jones
oil on canvas  21 x 17

Haseloff Parking-(w)

oil   20 x 16

Frank Soenke Haseloff

As an artist I am inspired by the structures of my subjects. That is to say I look at the design elements of the composition to be the strength and foundation of my paintings. I look at the rhythm of the shapes and the patterns they create and I use color to as a design element to bring it all together into a painting that engages the viewer and carries them through the different passages of the composition.