Walnut Natural Edge Bowl

Walnut Natural Edge Bowl

11 to 9 inch oval, 7 inches high

Jaques Blumer

Continuing a lifelong fascination with wood, sculpture and art, I have focused my attention on lathe work turning natural edge bowls, thin-walled hollow forms and sculptural pieces. I use the natural grain and color of the wood combined with design and symmetry to define each piece uniquely. I work primarily with local woods and look for burls, flares, crotch patterns, cracks or bark inclusions to include in the design of the pieces. I am one of the few artists in the country to apply the ancient art of marbling to turned pieces.

I have worked with many internationally recognized wood artists to develop my skills including J-F Escoulen, France; Soren Berger, New Zealand; David Elsworth; John Jordan; Christian Burchard; Johannes Michelson; and Lyle Jamieson. My studies also include work at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. I frequently teach and demonstrate my techniques.

I create these pieces largely for personal satisfaction, my desire to pursue excellence in the art of wood craft and for the sheer pleasure of myself and clients.